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Words of Mary

October 20, 2018

Our Lady of Lebanon Maronite Catholic Church - Chapel

Lewisville, TX

Oh my child, I stand before you today, and I weep

For each day an assault is made on the sanctity of life

And every act, every attack, tears the fabric of the world

And allows the darkness entrance.

The frayed threads are evident throughout the fabric,

And each day another act which extinguishes light

Pulls one of these threads, and the garment is further rent.

How then might the fabric hold together?

How then might it be stitched and renewed?

This has been foreseen, this has been known, and this plan has always been in place.

My words hang above the world.

Do you see them in the air?

They appear as drops of water,

And they are interspersed with rose petals.

Does the scent reach you here as you sit?

My words are waiting for a receptive world through His Holy Church

To reach forth and accept them from the air. 

They contain hope.

They contain the plan to stitch the fabric of the world.

This is a many-faceted plan that must be seen in its wholeness.

It cannot be rolled forth as separate parts because it is one.

The Church is the vehicle for this plan,

And therefore the fallen throw weapons at the Church

And increase their fury a hundred-fold. 

So what then is this plan?

It is a call to the Church and to all inside to step forth in harmony and proclaim,

“We are a holy people!

We have been called!

We are set apart as protectors of holy things.

Our priests are called by Him,

Our sacraments are given by Him,

And the gates of hell cannot triumph against us.”

The guarding of the sanctity of life is what you have been called to,

And the Church is the vehicle for the outfitting of the army. 

But it is a holy army that must step out in unity and with renewed intent.

The Church is a holy place, the people of the Church are a holy people,

And in holiness they must move forward. 

All that is unclean will be swept away, and all that is clean will be left to stand. 

All people in the Church, the lay people of the Church,

Must stand tall and proclaim,

“We are a holy Church.

Our priests are called by God. 

We stand in unity at the front of the line as protectors of life.

On our watch, no tear in the garment will be allowed,

On our watch, there will be no further damage to the fabric.

We give notice to the darkness.

The light has come.”

My words hang in the air. 

They call out to the Church.

There is a great rent in the fabric of the world.

The strain brings distress and hopelessness to the world,

But the words are there,

Drops of refreshing rain.

Smell the air.

Do you smell the scent of roses?

That is hope that will come into the world as abundant rain

Once the ground is receptive to the gift. 

My messages are a call to holiness.

My messages are a call to all in His Church,

In every vocation, in every walk of life, in every corner

To step forth and be holy. 

My messages are a call to give honor to the Lord,

And to call to His priests --

“You are holy before the Lord.

Lead us in holiness that the fabric of the world may be mended.”

The sanctity of life is a precious truth that the world knows not,

But it is the foundation of all that He has taught us

Because it was the sanctity of life and the worthiness of love of each life

That was made evident by the Cross.

The Cross is His love song to the world.

The Cross proclaims the sanctity of life.

My messages are rain drops for the earth.

They are drops of hope, and they hang in the air.

My children, prepare your hearts.

His holy Church will pluck them from the air,

And my words will be placed among you,

And therein will the fabric be mended,

And His holy Church and His holy people will proclaim,

“We are a holy people,

And we proclaim the sanctity of life

To all the world.”

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