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Words of Mary

July 20, 2019



I know that it seems the days are bathed in despair,

And that hope seems to be an incongruous intruder.

For the world rushes towards prophesied disasters as though no other outcome is possible,

And the Church takes down the banner of truth that flies overhead,

And replaces it with a weather vane that changes direction depending on which way the wind is blowing.

But do not despair.

There are also beauty and grace in the world if you open your eyes.

For in a world where freewill is granted to those God loves, which includes all of mankind,

Every act has the potential to become an act of love.

If all had already been set in stone, and if man had no choice but to obey,

There would be only acts of duty. 

But instead, in the right to choose which is given to man,

Exquisite acts of love and service and sacrifice become possible.

In the face of danger, men risk their lives for another.

In the face of poverty, men give their bread to another, and go to bed hungry. 

In the face of scorn, men defend the honor of another, and thereby become the object of ridicule and humiliation.

And in the face of a wounded Church, men pick up the banner that has been removed and hold it high.

Everywhere there is evidence of God’s grace and God’s love,

And everywhere there is evidence of men who seek God and who strive for holiness.

These are sobering times, and justice will be called forth if men repent not,

But there are men with open hearts and open ears in the world.

These are the ones you must reach so that tears of sorrow may be changed to tears of joy.

My Son looks with sorrow upon His Church because men auction truth in her halls,

And it is sold to the highest bidder.

For 30 pieces of silver, the truth is sold and then crucified. 

But my Son loves His Church, and He will cast the buyers and the sellers from the halls,

And the banner of truth will be restored.

Do not despair. 

Take my words forth so that men might have hope and might repent of their sins and turn to the Lord.

The day of justice is seen on the horizon.

But there are men with open hearts who seek the Lord.

Call to them to form an army  to carry the truth of the Lord forth on the earth.

Do not despair, my children. 

Your Mother walks among you.

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