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An Angel

March 2, 2019

Home- 5:00 a.m.

Do not lose sight of the everlasting kindness of the Lord towards His people.

Even in the midst of their iniquities the Lord calls to His people to come unto Him.

The world struggles in the assault by the enemy, but there is hope in the Lord.

Lift your eyes to the Lord. 

Pray without ceasing for the helpless and those without a voice.

Speak the truth and admonish His people for their iniquities and cry repentance.

Every act of worship and every cry of praise bathes the brokenness of the world in His grace.

Neglect not the sacraments.  Stray not from the presence of the Lord.

Then when the hand of justice moves, the Lord will put a hedge of protection around you.

But forget not those who have wandered outside His will.

Call to them to return to the fold.  Call to them to listen. 

For His voice echoes from the hills and flows into the valleys and rides on the waves of the oceans.

Listen!  He calls to His people!

And in loving kindness, He draws them unto Himself.

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