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Words of Christ

April 2, 2020



Many times, you have wandered outside the castle, and My mother has found you, disconsolate and bereft of hope.  She has dressed you in new clothes, restrung your pearls, and washed your face, and has brought you back into the castle.  For you are a royal child, and in the castle you belong.  And there you have seen My face and have rested in My presence.


But now, you wander room to room in the castle, for My face is hidden from you, and you are inconsolable without Me.  Oh my child, I have not left the castle.  I am only in the next room, and clearly I hear your cries.  And if you only listen, you will hear My voice.  Never will I leave my children alone.  I have only walked into the next room so that my children might recognize their hunger for My presence, and thus will forsake all that has kept them from Me.


Be not dismayed.  Here in the castle you can hear My voice.  Here in the castle you can tell Me of your longing for My presence, and here in the castle I will tell you of My longing for you.  And when your heart has come to rest in Mine, then we will sit at the table together, and you will cry no more.

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