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St. Nathaniel

April 2, 2019

St. Mark Chapel

In the distance there is a faint sound of thunder, but the sky is blue and the air is warm.  Men gather in holy places and make warm-weather plans, and they place their raincoats and boots in boxes and store them away.  But oh, there in the east, a few clouds begin to gather, and again there is the faint sound of thunder.  God has called forth those who carry treasures and they stand ready for the storm that is coming.  They have stored not their rain apparel away, for they have read the weather report and know that rain is on the way.  But still, men gather in holy places and speak of a dry season and lack of rain.  The clouds continue to gather and they become heavy with the moisture they contain, and a few drops begin to fall on the earth.  But still, men speak of drought and shade their eyes from the sun.  The thunder grows louder and those who hold the treasures open their umbrellas and speak of rain.  But they are chastised for alarming the people, and the holy men warn them to hold their tongues.  But the clouds are dark now and full of rain, and the sound of thunder grows louder, and still men talk of clear skies.  But oh the torrential rains that are coming and that will sweep away all the platitudes that are offered to assure the people that the talk of a storm is talk that comes not from God.  Again, the ones with the treasures are warned, and again, the ones with the treasures open their umbrellas and cover their heads.  The thunder grows louder, and in it is heard the voice of God.  And the holy men run for cover.  But it is too late.

Listen!  Do you hear the sound of abundant rain?

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