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Words of Mary

September 18, 2018

Loreto House Pregnancy Resource Center Adoration Chapel

Denton, TX


Note: This message from the Blessed Virgin Mary was received in the Adoration Chapel of Loreto House, a Catholic Pro-Life Pregnancy Resource Center located in Denton, TX.  The Center's leadership was aware of the apparitions of Our Lady Mystical Rose of Argyle since 2017, and the leadership offered the Dry Bones ministry group the use of their facility in the evenings for adoration, prayer, and ministry meetings.  As such, this adoration chapel has been the location of numerous messages received from Christ, The Blessed Virgin Mary, and many other saints and angels.

On this evening, the Blessed Virgin Mary appeared to the visionary and Mary was holding the infant Jesus, which she references in her message to the visionary.  These are the words of Mary:


You look at Him and ask,

“Was he a special baby?”

“Did He do special things?”

“Was He early at doing the things that babies do?”


Actually He was an average baby.

He did things about the same time as most babies do,

But just as He made His arrival in an unassuming way, in a very lowly place,

He would not have come as anything other than an ordinary baby.

Because you see, if He had come in an exceptional way,

If He had excelled in all the daily things babies do,

Then others who were not born into such a high estate or who were a little slow

Might have wondered –

“Did He come to be our Savior, too?”

“Are our lives of as much value as those who are a little smarter,

A little richer, a little more spectacular?”

So yes, He was just an average baby.


But do you know what was different?

It is what was mentioned – what you felt – Love.

Because even as a baby He seemed to embody love.

He seemed enveloped in it.  He radiated it. 

But after all, would you expect it to be different with the Son of God?

As His Mother, I felt at times that my heart would explode.


I brought Him here tonight so that you could share in that love,

And because this is a place of love, and a place for babies.

He was an average baby with an extraordinary heart,

And of course we all knew He was not really average at all.

But He had a message in coming as a baby, just a baby.

By being that baby, that fragile little baby, He said to the world,

“I have lowered myself to this to raise you to the Father.”


Oh, that average baby, who was the Savior of the world!

Feel the love!

It is for each of you, and for the world!

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