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Words of Christ

July 18, 2019

St. Mark Chapel


I walk throughout the earth looking for those men whose hearts are fettered to My Sacred Heart.

I reach out to them and strengthen them.

I love them even in their foolishness; I love them even in their wandering,

For their hearts are fettered to mine, and always they return.

I walk throughout the earth and I survey My Church.

She is wounded and, because she is wounded, I am wounded again and again,

For she is My Church, and I take her pain upon Myself.

I love the sheep of My pastures.

I have given them My Church so that they might have a place of still water and food aplenty.

I have called shepherds to watch over them so that no harm might befall them,

But the shepherds have created turbulence in the still waters, and the sheep of My pastures are unfed. 

Many of those I have called have removed the fetters which bound their hearts to mine.

I call to them but they do not answer, and without the fetters, they wander so far from My heart

That they can no longer hear the truth that I proclaim, and they lose sight of My face.

In the halls of My Church, keys of brass and tin are held up to validate what is being taught,

While the keys of gold and silver are hidden in the pockets of the wolves.

But I have established My Church,

And I have placed My authority in My Church,

And the keys of gold and silver burn through the pockets of the wolves,

For they may not be held in unholy hands.

I am the Lord, and I am holy, and therefore My Church must be holy.

I am a merciful God, but I am also a just God,

And the sins of the shepherds require the rope of justice to be unfurled.

I have sent My Mother to warn My sheep again and again so that they might be spared,

But they have declared themselves orphans, and they have heeded not the words of My Mother.

I proclaim to My shepherds that today I call for an accounting.

I proclaim, “Your silence has condemned you before Me.

You have invited the evil ones to sup at your table and have offered them hospitality in My holy Church.

I have called you to be watchmen and to protect My sheep, but you have allowed the wolves to have access to the pastures,

And many of you have joined the ranks of the wolves.”

My hand will no longer be stayed. 

I will cleanse My Church, and woe to those who were entrusted with the care of My sheep,

But gave them no protection against the wolves.

My holy angels move into position for they have heard My call, and My Church will be cleansed,

And great will be the carnage in Rome and throughout the world. 

My Church is a holy Church, and My people are a holy people,

But they have forgotten My name, and they have turned their backs to me. 

But I am a jealous God, and I call them unto Myself,

And I call them to cry out against the filth in the halls of My Church.

I love My sheep, and I will not leave them among wolves. 

Indeed the wolves will be slain, and My Church will be a refuge of truth for My sheep,

And therein will they dwell in peace and safety.

But first comes the battle.

Woe to those who have been called by Me, but who have abandoned this calling

For now is the time of justice.

I call to My sheep to turn to Me when darkness falls over the earth, and to remember the words of My Mother.

For they are not orphans, and My Mother will console them and bring them to Me.

Now is the day of the Lord.

All who have ears, listen.

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