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Words of Christ

March 15, 2020

Mary Immaculate Adoration Chapel

Farmers Branch, TX


I speak, and it is to your ears as a familiar song,

And you hum along because you know every note.

I whisper, and although My voice is as quiet as the grass moving in the breeze,

the silence is shattered,

And you turn to Me.


Although the world seems draped in black,

I smile, and a myriad of colors bursts forth

For you have sought My face

And therein have found all for which you have longed.


Outside the world seems dark,

And there is heard weeping and cries of grief.

But here with Me you can see that I am the One

Who leaves you not alone,

And therefore there is no reason to fear. 


Go forth and tell My people –

I am among them, and I call them unto Me,

And there they will be consoled.

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