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Words of Mary

July 15, 2019

St. Mark Circle


It is a beautiful night. 

There is a fragrance in the air of flowers and, most of all, there is the fragrance of the roses.

You are joyful tonight, and I delight in the laughter of my children. 

I look at you here in this circle where I have come so many times, and I bless each of you,

And I call you by name so that your names are carried in the breeze and reach the ears of angels who stand around this circle.

For I call them to protect you and to guide your steps and to keep you safe. 

For you are my children.

There is the sound of hope.

It is whispered in the breeze, it is sung in the song of the birds, and it drips from the branches of the trees.

The demons have flourished in the freedom they were granted to go forth in the world and sow destruction and death.

They have used this time to infiltrate His holy Church, and they believe they now have control.

But oh what fools they are! 

For this freedom to walk the earth was granted them by the Lord, but this they have forgotten

For they have grown drunk on the wine of their pride, and have believed that their days are without number.

But oh what a miscalculation they have made.

For the Lord has seen the havoc they have wrought in the world, and He has seen the filth in the halls of His Church,

And He has wept as the shepherds who were called to tend the sheep have become wolves by the influence of the demons

And now prey on the sheep they were called to guard. 

But oh, listen!  Do you not hear it?

In the midst of all the destruction and all the tainting of what was proclaimed holy by the Lord, there is a song.

It is a song of hope for the days of the fallen are numbered.

In the coming days, there is tragedy, and men weep

But they know not where to turn to escape the rope of justice that is unfurled on the world. 

The fallen will mount an attack that will make all other attacks they have ever waged pale in comparison,

For this is the last great battle for His Church. 

But lose not sight of this sound that is in the air tonight, for it is a song of hope, and it is visible in the air tonight

For the time is now for the going forth.  The time is now for my words to be given to the world.

My Son has called for an accounting, and He has asked those in His holy Church,

“Where are the words of My Mother?”

And the silence of the shepherds will not be pardoned.

My children, in the days ahead there will be darkness,

And men will cry out and wish for death to remove them from the misery that befalls the earth,

But do not lose sight of the face of my Son. 

And if at times you struggle to find Him, simply take my hand, for I walk among you,

And I will lead you into His arms.

Oh my children.

Great will be the trials, but lose not sight of the exquisite joy that surrounds you on this journey.

For your Mother walks with you, and the Son will hold you in His arms.

The demons make a final bid for control of the Church, but it is the Church of the Lord,

And woe to those who taint her halls with filth.

You are blessed, my children.

The grace of the Lord flows over you.  Your Mother blesses you.

The Church will stand triumphant, and she will again be a spotless bride, clothed in holiness.

Give notice to the fallen! 

The day of justice arrives. 

The Church Militant goes forth, and the Church Triumphant surrounds them on all sides. 

Rejoice my children!

There will be great calamities, but you will be saved for you are called, and you are blessed.

Inhale the hope that is in the air tonight. 

Soon the peaceful sounds of this night will be overcome by the sound of the battle,

And the cries of the people as the Lord’s hand begins to move. 

Remember this night when you are beset by trials in the days ahead

For the hope in the air tonight will rise again from the ashes when the battle is over,

And the people will praise His name, and the Church will again be a beacon of truth for the world.

Bathe in the fragrance of this night, and remember it in the days ahead

When the smell of a burning world flows over the earth,

And remember the promises of the Lord.

He will not forget His people.


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