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Words of Mary

July 14, 2019

St. Mark Circle


In the coming days, you must be mindful always that I walk among you,

For the darkness will blot out the sun, and men will cry for relief but find none.

But you must not despair, for I walk among you,

And I reflect the light of my Son, and it will penetrate the darkness

So that you may see clearly where to place your feet.

In the days ahead, there will be a great schism in the Church,

And what I have said before becomes apparent. 

Bishops and cardinals who speak truth will line up on one side,

And bishops and cardinals who have forsaken the truth will line up on the other side,

And great will be the battle.

Because Satan and his army stand with those who have forsaken the truth,

And the holy angels and the saints stand with those who speak truth,

And great will be the cries of those going into battle. 

The Church will tremble with the fury of the battle, but the Church cannot be destroyed

Because it goes forth from the Sacred Heart of my Son, and it is He who preserves it.

The schism will be healed, but it will be the blood of those who fall

That will help to heal the crack.

There will be many martyrs in those days

For this is the last great battle for the Church,

And the fallen will spare nothing to destroy the Church of the Lord.

But the Lord has given His Church to the world,

And the keys of silver and gold are on the earth and will not be taken

Until Christ comes to take His Church unto Himself.

The sound of the battle will be heard

All around the world.

And the world will be filled with despair, and men will weep

Although they know not from where comes the tears

Because the battle in the Church sends shock waves upon the earth.

And the fallen will find no impasse, and the fallen will make no sound,

And the fallen will battle, fall, and return again and again to the scene.

But still the Church will stand firm for the holy angels do not move.

They do not fall, they do not return again and again

For their presence is continuous around His Church and in the halls.

For God’s power does not ebb and flow, it does not waver,

And therefore each time the devil and his legions fall, the angels strike a deadly blow.

And soon there are no more demons who arise, and all is silent.

The schism that was in the Church is healed by the blood of the martyrs.

And the blood of those who forsake the truth is wiped from the halls of the Church,

And the devil and his legions arrive and attempt to pick them up and carry them to hell.

But the angels stand at the door, and they proclaim –

“God determines the fate of men’s souls,

And it is not given for demons to make the call.”

And the fallen will bow before Him and release the souls

And slink away to hell,

And God will collect the souls for His day of reckoning.

Listen all people who have ears.

Your Mother has come to you again and again.

I have given you my words over and over.

I have wept over my children again and again.

I have sorrow for these children I have been given.

I am their Mother, and I call them to me,

But they have sought comfort elsewhere. 

This is the time for the cord of mercy to be withdrawn.

I continue to bring words so that the cord continues to be on the earth,

But the time of withdrawal draws nigh.

Cry out to the people of the Lord.

I have come to bring healing to the world.

But the Church stands wounded and must be healed

For where will the people go who seek the truth?

You are called to cry repentance to the people.

You are called to proclaim the love and mercy of the Lord,

But you must tell them that the rope of justice begins to descend,

And unless the people of the Lord repent and make reparation

His hand will not be stayed in the days ahead. 

The moaning of the world will be visible, as the earth groans in sight of mankind.

You are called to go forward.  You must make haste.

The hearts of those in the Church whom God has called to heal His wounded Church

Have been prepared.

But who will put these words into their hands so that they may take root in the fertile ground

Of their prepared hearts, if you go not forward?

The time is now. 

Listen and go forth. 

The battle becomes more evident,

The dissension becomes more apparent,

And the trembling in the Church is sensed by all the people.

But my Son has not called timid soldiers for this time.

He has called valiant warriors and apostles.

Go forth.  You are called.  Sound the battle cry.

Be sure that it is loud enough to be heard around the world.

St. Michael and all the host of heaven stand ready.

You move in valiant company.  Truly all of heaven accompanies you.

Be of courage, my children, your Mother walks among you,

And together we will go unto the Church and proclaim the words of the Lord,

And those who know the truth will rejoice and join the ranks of angels.

And His Holy Church will be healed.

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