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Words of Christ

February 14, 2019

Our Lady of Lebanon Chapel


As long as your days, so is my long-suffering and My mercy, for they are poured out overflowing and you are cradled in steadfast arms.  Fret not that you have not delivered all that has been required.  You are My faithful child, and your tears have been carried to Me on the wings of angels, and I have taken the tears and have sent assurance in their place.  Weep not that you have been betrayed.  You cut your teeth on the hands of deception, and learned to walk while holding fast to the deceiver’s arms, but from evil you were protected.  For I had placed My mark upon your head, and had sealed your heart for My presence.  You are wounded, but come unto Me, and I will kiss your wounds, and they will disappear.  Mourn not for the world or for men.  You were not made for these.  You are mine, and when you find no consoling words among the crowd, listen for My voice.  I will speak to you, and you will recognize My voice, and your weeping will turn to joy.  But mourn indeed for My Church.  For She has forgotten the One for whom She waits, and Her love has grown cold.  The iniquities of those who have not been faithful will be illuminated.  The darkness will be made light, and great will be their fall, and they will reach out to pull down also those who have brought light forth to make plain their wicked ways.  But those who have carried My light will not be pulled down, for angels will bear them up.  My child, it was necessary for you to walk in loneliness so that you would always seek My face.  You have been given gifts that have set you apart and have isolated you from the world.  But the gifts were given to bring forth this work, and in the silence of your isolation you have heard My command.  Be assured, though, that all who attack this work will be chastised, and those who carry forth this work will walk in the company of angels.  My child, dry your tears.  You are a holy child.  You have honored My Mother and I have smiled upon you.  Wipe your tears.  Rejoice.  To this you were called.

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