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Angel introduced himself as “an Angel of the Lord”

June 13, 2019

St. Mark Chapel


There is a cry that goes forth over all the land.  It is the sound of the Lord calling to His people.  He weeps for the sins of His people and for their turning away.  He cries out to them, “You who kill the prophets and stone those sent to you, how many times I yearned to gather your children together, as a hen gathers her young under her wings, but you were unwilling.”  The Lord is long-suffering and His mercy boundless, but He is also just.  He has looked upon the world and has found that even His Church is tainted with filth.  The essence of the Lord is holiness, and He calls His Church to holiness, but many of His shepherds have been cast aside, and wolves have arisen in their place.  The Lord will move in justice to cleanse the halls of His Church, and all nations who honor not the Lord will be brought low. 


The Blessed Mother has spoken to you in this chapel where you now sit.  This place is a holy place for Christ himself is on the altar, and His Mother walks among you here.  In the coming days as unrest and uncertainty grow in the world because the threads unravel, many will seek Him in this place.  They will kneel in this chapel, and they will stand in the place outside where His Mother has stood.  Grace in abundance will be showered upon those who come to these holy places, and who praise Him and adore Him in this chapel. 


There is a wave of dissent and self-righteousness in His Church today as those who walk in her halls strive to hold their positions.  But they understand not that His Church was not formed by mortal man and only those who honor Him will be allowed to stay.  There is a ripple on the surface of His Holy Church that has become a tidal wave, and many will be pulled under and cast out upon the shore.  In the place where His Mother has spoken words to her children, all has been illuminated for her words shine a light upon all that surrounds where she spoke.  Even before the words go forth to the world, the world is changed by her speaking.  For when she speaks, she speaks from her Immaculate Heart, and she honors the Son.  In the place where she has spoken, all is illuminated, and the things that were dark are brought into the light.  There are those within the halls of His Church near to the place where she has spoken who have loved the darkness, but in her words there was light, for her words reflected the light of the Son, and all was made bright.  The men who walk those halls run for cover to avoid the light, but all darkness is illuminated.  And as her words go forth, the light of the Son which she reflects illuminates all of His holy halls, and thus all of His Church is illuminated, and the darkness disappears. 


But be not dismayed by the turmoil in His Church for He is a God of peace and of holiness, and all will be made right, and holiness will be restored to the halls of His Church.  The messages that His Mother spoke two years ago were to proclaim the sanctity and dignity of life, but these words were tucked away and heeded not.  As the days unfold, the evil one rejoices that these words have been hidden.  He will infiltrate the world with his lies, and the people will be ruled by those who value not life.  The threads will continue to unravel, and the mantle of the world will crack.  Men will cast aside truth and will embrace what the world offers. 


Again and again, the Blessed Mother has spoken to her children and beseeched them to turn to her Son and to heed her instructions, but they would not.  And the Lord looks upon His people and weeps.  Great calamity befalls the people in the days ahead.  Those who are listening will come to this place and be refreshed, but they will long for the healing water of the fountain and beg for it to be built.  Great blessings and healing will be given in this place even before the fountain is built, but in the days when the fountain is filled with rose water, people will witness the hand of the Lord and sing for joy in the streets and in the meadows and in the clamor of the cities, and His name will be glorified. 


My daughter, trouble not yourself with the discord and disarray that call for your attention.  Look only to Him, and He will pull you unto Himself and give you peace.  Step aside from the world for heaven calls, and in heaven’s light, you will behold His face.

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