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Words of Mary

February 13, 2020

Mary Immaculate Adoration Chapel

Farmers Branch, TX


The cries of the babies have broken my heart.


I have tucked those whose earthly lives have been extinguished in my mantle.

They weep for their mothers, but I have told them I am their mother given by the Lord,

And I will hold them until their mothers’ arms are open,

And if their mothers open not their arms,

Then in my arms will these babies remain.


There are others still on earth who must fight for life

Because their lives have been judged of no value,

And although I have come with words of the sanctity and dignity of life,

My words have not been heeded.


I have called to those who can speak to speak for those who cannot,

But they have felt their words were of no value,

And therefore they are silent.


The world grows darker.

Every light, no matter how small,

Helps to illuminate the darkness

And gives hope to my children.


Shepherds, shine your light

For my children are in the dark and have lost their way.

There is one who has been called to be a catalyst,

But he is a humble man and sees not to what he has been called.

But it only takes a spark to start a fire,

And then will others bring kindling also.

But without the spark, there will be no fire,

And the babies perish.

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