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Words of Christ

February 12, 2019

St. Mark Chapel

You have wandered in the darkness with precious treasures in your hands.  You have knocked on many doors but none were opened to you.  You have wept bitter tears, for there were no hands in which to place the treasures you carried.  Those at the doors appeared as shepherds, but they had silenced the real shepherds and had taken their place.  The sheep cried outside the doors but no shepherd came to bring them in, and the treasures were left outside in the cold.  At one time they attempted to barricade the door against me also.  But it was My Father’s house, and the wood of the cross formed the key.  Do not weep that they have kept you outside.  The treasures were safe in your hands, for you had been consecrated to My Mother and she brought your names before Me and I looked upon you in love.  Do not fret that the messages have been left outside for so long.  There they have been safe.  For there were wolves inside who would have distorted the messages. 

I have looked upon the world and finding the words of My Mother missing, I have called for an accounting from My Church.  But the shepherds are silent and the wolves stand at the doors.  But I have looked with mercy on the world and have slowed the hand of justice so that My people might repent.  Therefore I have called to My shepherds who have been moved to the foot of the table and whose voices cannot be heard.  I will move them to the head of the table and the wolves will no longer have access to the doors.  My children, do not fret.  You have walked in obedience to Me and to My Church.  But woe to those who have refused to open the doors.  For My Mother’s words have been hidden, and the world finds Me not, for there is not found the beacon of My Mother’s words to guide them to Me.  Woe to those who refuse to hear.  The world grows dark and those who are called to protect the sheep extinguish the light and allow the wolves to roam free.  But I have sent out a call to the shepherds who hear My voice, and they will cry out to the Church that a great treasure has been put aside and these words will go forth.  Find peace in Me for you have sought My face and have walked in My will.

The path now becomes clear, for hearts have been prepared and the doors will be opened.  Rejoice!

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