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Guardian Angel

April 12, 2017


Even the knees of demons bend

It is the highest form of prayer.

Angels assist but humans persist

When created all gather here.


Oh the lock its presence firm

Has visited every prayer.

There was no key that could be found

A heavy cross to bear.


In every place there is sacrifice

But some act without the parts.

This sacrifice is now permanent

Bring forth the wounded heart.


The very key so hard to find

Has caused this feast to be.

Inexhaustible and sublime

And all that here can be.

The key is now within your hand

The lock has broken free.

All the demons have run in shame

The captives are set free.


His presence now calls all who hear

It shines out far and wide.

Substitutes left on the ground

There's now nowhere to hide.

It's true and proper for you to come

Separation can be no more.

It's united here and unites us all

Kneel now upon this floor.

Angels now surrounding you

Demons must now desist.

Come forward you are welcome here

Receive the Master's kiss.

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