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Words of Mary

June 11, 2019

St. Mark Chapel

Blessed are those who have remembered my words and have sought to live them.  Blessed are those who have remembered my words and have sought to teach others to live them.  My Son looks upon them in love and pours out His grace and mercy upon them.


I walk among my children, and their hearts are hard, and they accept no advisement but their own.  But times are coming when men will find no consolation, and they will cry to Heaven for help, but their cries will be met with silence, for they have heeded not my words.  Then will men once again note a threat from the country of eleven meridians, but this will be pushed aside.  And once again, men will ponder the words that I have given them, and feel unrest over the words they did not heed.  All of the words that I have spoken hang in the air and would be a refreshing rain if men would release this rain by heeding my words, and my Son would pour mercy upon the Earth.  But soon the rain that hangs in the air will dissipate and when men cry out for mercy, the air will be dry, and justice will blow over the Earth as a devastating wind.  Oh my children, my heart is heavy for the world.  My words have been given to my Son’s Holy Church again and again, but they have been polished and trimmed, and those they found not palatable have been cast aside.  But my Son calls for an accounting, and He cries, “Where are the words of My mother?”  And those who cannot answer will be held accountable before Him.


There is a threat that grows darker as the East and the country whose people call it “Mother” but know not me, move into harmony.  And yet no one remembers the words I spoke with the way to bring peace to the world.  Oh my children, look to your mother.  I weep for you.  I walk amongst you, and I cry out to you to turn your eyes to my Son and heed my words.

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