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Guardian Angel

December 11, 2019

Our Lady of Lebanon Adoration Chapel


The people will ask, “Where is the one who is responsible for this destruction?  Did he sneak in during the night while we were asleep?”  And they will attempt to place the blame at the feet of those who have cried from the watchtower with warnings, and who have called the people to repentance.  For the people will see not that they are the ones who are responsible for the destruction, for they have believed those who cried “All is well” and they have seen no need to change their hearts.


So they will place all blame at the feet of those who have been called to stand on the watchtower and cry repentance, and they will hate them because they spoke the truth, and the people will comfort one another by saying, “The fault is not ours.  We have no guilt before the Lord.”


But the fallen will laugh because they see well their guilt, and they have offered them heavy garments to cover their guilt so the people saw it not.  The watchmen will become a reminder of the guilt of the people, and the people will turn against them and attempt to strike them so that they might fall from the tower.  But the Lord God will keep safe the watchmen, for it is He who has placed them on the tower, and there they will stay.

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