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An Angel of the Lord

December 10, 2019

St Mark Adoration Chapel


Those who obscure the light from other men

Will find themselves in the darkness

And they will yearn for the light they have extinguished

But they will find it not.

These men work now in the light

But their task is to obscure the light

And as it grows dimmer

They pat each other on the back.

But holy angels work not in darkness

So these men will be left in the dark with those angels who hated the light

And they will carry their souls away

And darkness will be their eternal home.

But those who have hated the dark

Will be gathered into the light

And guardians will be placed to guard the light

So that it is not taken away again.

But first comes the darkness which will penetrate all things

And it will be dark indeed

Before the light is restored.

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