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St. Nathaniel

August 10, 2019



When all else is surrendered – memory, intentions, plans – then what remains?

What occupies the spaces left when these are surrendered?

It is the Holy Spirit that fills these spaces.

The Lord pours His Spirit into the souls of His apostles

So that their memories, their intentions, their plans are the Lord’s,

And the Holy Spirit directs their path.

After Pentecost, we had no memories, no intentions, no plans.

They were on the floor with our expectations,

And we left them behind when we went forth. 

And now when you go forth,

You will carry no extra weight,

For the Holy Spirit is much lighter than what you have carried.

But oh the power!

Hold your breath for the Holy Spirit breathes for you,

And you walk no more in accordance with earth,

For all of earth has been left in the upper room,

And the Holy Spirit is your vehicle for going forth.

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