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Words of Mary

February 1, 2018

Immaculate Conception Catholic Church- Adoration Chapel

Denton, TX


Visionary’s words:

Lord, what are you telling me today, and what do you want me to do since I have no car today?  I am here in the adoration chapel.

I await your instructions.

There was a rose on my seat.  This has been happening when I go to adoration and start to sit down.  And I smell roses!  Oh thank you, Blessed Mother!

Oh, she is here!

She says:


Words of Mary:

My daughter, you struggle this week.

You are given gifts to bring you comfort, not to bring you pain.

Rest in His love. 

You are near to His heart, and you are near to my heart.

Remember that you cannot comprehend His love,

Nor can you define it, nor can you be worthy of it.

But do not grieve.

The word you need today is this – abandonment.

That is the secret.

Abandon your attempts at loving Him.

Relinquish your efforts to be worthy of these gifts.

Abandon yourself to Him, and all will be well.

I give you the gift of roses that you might know I am near,

And that you will be comforted. 

You have wondered why you grieve

When things are shown to you that should make you joyous,

But you have been called to a life in which joy is inextricably linked to grief

Because you have been called to suffer with Him.

You have seen how the greatest pain can become the greatest joy in His presence.

Be assured, my daughter, that with love also comes grief,

But the grief is the price you pay for so great a love.

So weep now, but then dry your eyes and wash your face

For joy is just around the corner.

Abandon yourself to Him who loves you best,

And then you will no longer worry about how best to love Him.

All He ever wanted was you, and that you have freely given.

Be comforted.  All is well.

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