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Words of Mary

December 1, 2019

Chapel of St Peter and St Paul

Tyler, TX

Look at what I bear within my womb

For it is the Christ Child, and He is hidden.

But for he who seeks Him,

He is present even in His hiddenness.

It is your hope that brings to fruition the promise,

For it is your hope that brings forth what has been sought but has been hidden from view.

In my womb is the Christ Child, and He is hidden,

But His hiddenness hinders not His presence to those who seek Him. 

Today walk in hope for that which has been promised, and will be brought to fruition.

For He is present in my womb

And in the Eucharist that you will consume,

Although hidden from those who seek not His face.

Go forth in hope

And behold the Christ Child hidden in my womb,

Who today is present among you.

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