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Words of Christ

December 1, 2019

Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception

Tyler, TX


Come not before Me bringing gifts befitting an earthly king,

For I crave not treasures from the world,

For I am full, and I need not the things that you carry in your hands.

But what I covet are the companionship and the adoration of My people.

For even in My fullness, I have room for these.

I smile upon those who defend My truths,

And I bless those who suffer for My sake,

But what I most desire above all else is for men to sit with Me,

For it is their companionship I desire above all else.

I ask that men leave Me not alone,

For although angels leave Me not,

And although I am full,

I long for their company.

Men, wishing to know My Heart,

Read books about Me, and recite daily prayers,

And participate in ministries in My name.

All these things are good.

But to really know My Heart,

Men need only to sit with Me and listen.

For in My presence will they see and come to know My exposed Heart,

And then all else will be added unto them.

I am the Lord, and I am here before you.

Ask not what I need from you. 

I need nothing, for I am full.

But what I desire is your company and your adoration.

Even in My fullness, I have room for these things. 

If you have petitions, you may bring them forth,

But first, simply sit with Me.

For in sitting with Me, you will know My Heart,

And in knowing My Heart, you will know what you should ask.

I desire to know you.  Do you desire to know Me?

Then sit with Me.

I am the One who needs nothing, for I am full,

But what I desire is you.

Do you want to know Me?

Here I am on the altar before you.

Sit with Me, for although I am full,

There is room for you.

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