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An Angel of the Lord

December 1, 2019


It is indeed the shattering of glass

As what is possible on Earth is pushed aside for what is possible in Heaven.

For a Child will soon be born, fragile and weak against the night,

And yet His birth will invoke angels to bow, and wise men to travel far.

In an intersection such as never seen, Heaven will pierce Earth,

And the certainty of sin will be pierced by the possibility of forgiveness,

And the darkness of the world will be illuminated by the brightness of a star.


It is a broken world into which this Child will arrive,

But it is this brokenness that has cried out to Heaven,

For man, finding no solution to the brokenness on Earth,

Has turned his eyes heavenward,

And the Lord, surveying Earth with love and mercy, has been moved.

But still the glass remains, with Heaven on one side and Earth on the other,

In a perfect impasse.

But the Father, in a mighty act of destruction and creation,

Will shatter the glass by the sending of His Son,

And the finality of sin will be pushed aside by the eternity of God.

For this Baby will break the boundaries of Earth’s possibilities

By bringing divinity to a manger, and the songs of angels will mute His cries.

Oh how then shall you be unmoved this night?

For indeed you have heard the shattering of the glass before,

For this Child has already come with redemption in His hands,

And yet still He redeems, as He is sent unto man again and again.


So on this night, rejoice,

For the One who has come and who comes again,

Holds, in His tiny hands, the redemption of the world,

For when man one day pierces those hands with nails

And crucifies Him on a cross,

There will be divinity in the blood and water that will pour forth,

And it will cover the Earth and shatter the glass,

As it has already done, and will do again, and does forevermore.

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