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Words of Mary

August 1, 2019

St. Mark Chapel


I am a Mother.


And as all mothers do,

I admonish my children to walk righteously, to be holy, and to care for one another.

But as a mother, I especially want my children to know that they are loved,

That my Son calls them unto Himself, and that I walk beside them.


I look upon all my children, and they are all precious to me,

But the ones who struggle to keep up with the others,

The ones who reach for me in the night because of pain,

The ones who cannot speak but whose hearts sing praise,

The ones who comprehend not my words but understand my heart,

Oh these children, they are my delight,

For the things that would obstruct their view of me are filtered out,

And they see me clearly with sight that requires no eyes.


A mother’s tender heart loves all of her children equally,

But oh the ones that others brush aside,

The ones that others neglect,

The ones that others note not,

These are the apple of my eye.


For I am a Mother,

And those children, in their need for me, touch my heart,

And I hold them close.


And I present them to my Son,

And He says, “Oh mother, these are the ones you have told me about.

I have given my angels special instructions regarding these,

For they are the apple of your eye, and therefore I delight in them also.”


As a mother, I look with love on all my children,

But oh have you seen these who struggle,

Have you seen these who have no words,

Have you seen these who cannot see,

Have you seen these who do not understand?

For they are the apple of my eye, and my delight and consolation.


Look upon my children.  They are beautiful. 

But do not miss these here who struggle

For the angels are given special charge of these,

For they are the apple of my eye.

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