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Three Angels

August 1, 2019

St. Mark Circle


Tonight the demons walk to and fro around this circle, but they gain no entrance

For the mark of the Blessed Virgin is on this place.

They wish to wreak much havoc in this place tonight

For they know indeed the nature of this battle.

The fallen have made their intentions clear

For they have not worked within a shield of invisibility,

But yet by calling things other than what they are,

They have walked right past the guards.

At Fatima, much was made clear,

But perhaps it was the stating of the obvious that caused so many to miss it

Because it is not expected for the fallen to show their hands

And, therefore, as men looked under tables and around corners for the deceivers,

They walked in the front door, and no one protested.

The fallen have enjoyed this time for they have been no longer voyeurs

Peering into windows from the outside.

They have had a clear view, for they walk through the halls in plain sight,

And nothing obscures their path. 

They have been given this time because it was set in place by the Father

For the testing of His Church,

That the wolves might be separated from the shepherds,

And that the faith of the sheep might be challenged,

For untested faith could not stand in the face of the coming storm.

But one hundred years after Fatima, the Lord called for an accounting,

And indeed the shepherds had not stood firm against the wolves,

And the wolves sat in all the places where doctrine is safeguarded,

And each day they chiseled against the blocks set in stone by the Father,

With tiny but deadly hammers.

And the shepherds who had donned not the apparel of the wolves,

Swept up the floor but provided no barrier around the blocks of stone.

But Our Blessed Mother again came forth and made firm the barriers that had been chiseled away

For the blocks of stone had been placed by her Son, and His Church she loves,

And it is in her halls she keeps house.

But she does not sweep up broken things – she keeps them from being broken.

She does not restore things – she keeps them from being destroyed.

And therefore when she keeps house, the house is kept and will not be moved.

Our Lady, Queen of the Angels, has come again and has called to her Son’s Church –

“For one hundred years you heeded not my warnings,

For one hundred years evil has roamed through the halls.”

Our Lady has put out her arms and has encompassed all His holy Church

And all people of the world.

She has proclaimed the Father’s love for all

And the sanctity of each and every life.

She has again called the world to honor the Lord and to make their paths holy.

But when the dirt is on the inside, how will the outside be made clean?

Because men heeded not her words, the fallen have entered the Church

And now sit in the places reserved for holy men.

A cry goes out now from heaven that a great abomination has occurred

Because the holy Church of the Lord has been soiled by the feet of the fallen,

And His people are left unprotected in the storm.

A cry goes out from heaven that shall be heard around the world,

For a master plan of the devil is underway and is of such an insidious and deceitful nature

That those who deliver it will proclaim they have brought flowers,

And those who receive it will inhale the fragrance and proclaim it a pleasant smell,

Although the stench is overpowering. 

Today the demons prowl around this circle

For here the Blessed Mother has proclaimed that there is filth in the stronghold of the Church,

And men look to Rome for answers,

But the questions have become so corrupted that the answers are wrong before they are given.

Be aware that now is the time that the fallen move in and prepare to claim their victory,

But oh the fallen cannot count, and their days are nearing an end.

The Blessed Mother holds a calendar, and she counts with authority the number of days,

And the fallen are given notice. 

But be aware of what this battle will do to the holy people of the Lord.

They will run from one side to the other, for they find not the banner of the shepherd who watches over them,

And therefore flee to one and then another, not knowing where to rest.

In the coming months, this battle will shake the very foundations of the Church,

And the world will tremble, and many will fall.

But oh look here beyond you, what now do you see?

A lovely lady who you have mistaken for the housekeeper,

But oh you have not seen her heart, for it is Immaculate,

And it beats with the strength of a warrior.

And she will keep house by casting out all who soil the house,

And His Church will be cleansed.

The demons walk to and fro around this circle tonight.

They had hoped to gain admittance, but it was a fool’s game

For they can walk not past the circle of the Queen.

But still they smile for they think you are timid warriors who will fold these words away,

And they will sing calming songs to the sheep,

And the sheep will be lulled to sleep.

But we three angels who stand here tonight call out to you with the authority of heaven and proclaim,

“Now is the time for courage!  His Church is being attacked!

The angels have been told to give no quarter.  And to you I say give no silence.

For the Blessed Mother has come again to her children, and she holds a calendar, and it is time.”

Tonight there is quiet in the halls of the Church

For wolves put one another to sleep and change the décor so that they might make a permanent home.

But angels gather, and when autumn has come to this circle,

Look towards the gathering of the Church, for in that time will the angels’ orders be given,

And the fallen will discover how to count, for their time will be over.

Proclaim the words that you have been given.

Perhaps you have also lost the ability to count.

But soon you will be able to count with clarity

For the last days of the deceivers will be written across the sky,

And there will be none in that day who cannot count.

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